Proof that Canada’s COVID-19 mortality statistics are incorrect

Proof that Canada’s COVID-19 mortality statistics are incorrect

Published October 5, 2022

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The Canadian government’s official COVID-19 deaths number is starkly different from the number of excess deaths

Correlation researcher Denis Rancourt and co-authors Marine Baudin and Jérémie Mercier have published a new report on Canada’s COVID-19 mortality statistics.

In the report, the authors estimate the number of excess deaths over the COVID-19 period, using all-cause mortality data. Their analysis raises important questions about the reliability of the Canadian government’s official number of COVID-19 deaths.

The Abstract of the report is as follows:

We make a quantitative comparison between the COVID-19 mortality statistics of the Government of Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada; managed by the Chief Public Health Officer) and measured total excess all-cause mortality (ACM) (deaths from all causes) for the Covid period. The claimed “COVID-19 deaths” mortality is almost double the total excess ACM for the same period, which we find to be irreconcilable with reality. We describe how these numbers have been uncritically used in public Government communications, by leading media, and in a recent scientific article co-authored by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, which claims that “without the use of restrictive measures and without high levels of vaccination, Canada could have experienced […] almost a million deaths.” We conclude that the COVID-19 mortality statistics are unreliable at best, and possibly meaningless.

Download a copy of the report below:

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